710 POD


Ms. Finch
Ms. McNulty
Mr. Morvin
Ms. Voelkel
Ms. Brannen

Welcome to the 710 Pod!

Office Hours:
Teachers are available on the following days after school:

Monday: Science/Mrs. Voelkel
Tuesday: Social Studies/ Mr. Morvin
Wednesday: Math/ Ms. McNulty
Thursday: ELA/ Mrs. Brannen

*Please see the calendar for availability week to week.
 We just ask that you give us 24 hour advanced notice if you are planning to attend one of these study sessions.

Please refer to the pod calendar for upcoming major assignments. The individual teacher page links are above. Use these for more course specific information
(i.e. handouts, Power Point, supplemental materials etc.).


Students will have no more than 2 major assessments on anyone day. Please remember to use Power School (call school for login information) to keep up with your child’s grades!

We will have many opportunities to reward students for positive choices.

Incentives may include:

  • ·         Free seating at lunch
  • ·         Comet/ Awesome cards
  • ·         Extra recess
  • ·         Individual teacher rewards