Cario Student Council
Cario Student Council

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Attention ALL Members:  
 Our next Student Council general meeting will be on Monday, March 20th in Media Center from 3:35 - 4:15. We will be talking about the things we were going to talk about at the last meeting before it got cancel due to Wando event for 8th graders .We are mainly going to be talking about the talent show rehearsals, and raising money for the a location for the talent show. If you have any ideas what to do with the talent show  write them or something so you can share it without forgetting your thoughts.Be there please!!!! Make sure you have a ride before the meeting. See you there!

 StuCru 2016 t-shirts are here and ready to be picked up!!  The cost is $7.50 and we need to know your size because sizes are limited!  Let Ms. Whalen know if you are interested in getting on.Also start thinking of new ideas for another shirt,We need ideas fast because we need this shirt for the Talnt show.
Student Council Members please remember we are having a Talent Show so that means you really have to show up at meeting and decide whether you are going to be in the Talent show or help get the Talent Show together. A sign up genius is going to be made very soon so make up your minds ASAP.  I hope you made up you all minds because the talent show is in April and April is almost here!

Please direct any questions to