School Improvement Council

What is an SIC:

  • All public schools in South Carolina, and most in the nation, are required by law to have a council of parents, teachers and community members meet at least 1 hour per month, 8 months a year to discuss how to provide the best possible experience for all stakeholders.
  • In South Carolina, most SIC's base their annual goals on the results of surveys from the preceding year.  The council selects one or two key areas that can be improved in a measurable way, plans and implements actions to make those improvements, and reports back to the community.
  • An SIC is different from at PTO in that it does not raise funds and only supports the efforts of the principal to maintain a welcoming environment and student/parent engagement.

2017-2018 Goals:

  • Increase awareness of and involvement in Cario SIC.
  • Support Principal Randall in promoting Profile of the South Carolina Graduate Characteristics.
  • Assist in writing and editing the end of year Report to Parents and School Report Card.




  • TBA Sept 2017
  • Please consider joining us for our kickoff meeting Thursday, August 3rd @10am in the Cario media center.

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