8th Grade Job Shadowing

8th Grade Job Shadowing
This is the image for the news article titled 8th Grade Job ShadowingCMS is hosting a Job Shadow Day for 8th grade students ONLY on Friday, February 8, 2019. Please encourage and assist your children to participate in this opportunity.  Contact a business that fits your child's interest area and seek permission to job shadow on February 8th.  See the paperwork below for specific guidelines and procedures.  In order to receive an excused absence from school on February 8, 2019, each student must complete the following:
1.  Job Shadowing Agreement form (front and back):  This form must be submitted to the homeroom teacher by Thursday, January 31. 
2.  Observation Report form:  This form must be submitted to the homeroom teacher by Monday, February 11 upon return to school.
If shadowing at another school, you must submit written confirmation to your child's homeroom teacher from a teacher or principal acknowledging that shadowing is permitted at that campus. 
Please take plenty of photos and share them with Mrs. Morris.
Please remember that your Observation Report is due when you return to school as part of your excused absence.  These forms are evidence that you participated in job shadowing and very helpful for future contacts and career development events.  You will receive your Observation Report on the day before you shadow, or you can download and print the form here:

JOB SHADOWING AGREEMENT (submit by January 31, 2019)
OBSERVATION REPORT (submit to excuse absence after February 8, 2019)