Cario Students Shine at Junior Duck Stamp

Cario Students Shine at Junior Duck Stamp
This is the image for the news article titled Cario Students Shine at Junior Duck StampWe had wonderful results for most of our students' duck stamp entries this year! We had 7 of our students win placement in their group throughout South Carolina K-12 for their Junior Duck Stamp artwork and 3 of our entrants win in their group for Conservation Message. Many Congratulations to the following students: 
Group II
Rachel Agudelo - 1st Place
Sara Meltzer - Honorable Mention
Group III:
Carly Sabados - 2nd Place
Helen Nang - 3rd Place
Carolyn Dang - Honorable Mention
Leaton Nuttall - Honorable Mention
Sarah Sharib - Honorable Mention

Conservation Message : Group III:
Carly Sabados: "When we conserve our water, we conserve our Life! Let's be mindful and make every drop count. It's our future!"
Sarah Sharib: "Preserving the past and protecting the future both come from living in the present."
Grace Zuo: "Conservation provides a better environment, for not only people, but the wildlife around us."
Congratulations again to these students and to our other talented participants! Way to go, Cario!