610 POD

610podpic 610 POD

Ms. Elizabeth Hummers, ELA
Ms. Mary Ann Braswell, Math
Ms.Rebecca Strong, Science
Ms. McKenzie Hoffman, SS

Welcome to the 610 Pod!!!

Welcome to the 610 POD!!! We are so happy to have you on our team, and we look forward to getting to know you better in the coming weeks:)

We know that coming to middle school can be, well, a bit scary--for kids AND parents. But you can rest assured that we recognize that everyone is a bit nervous, and we are here to help you. If you need anything, just ask ANY of us--we are ALL hear to make your transition smooth and easy. Parents--if you have ANY questions, please just drop an email to any of your child's teachers--we are hear to provide information and help everyone adjust as quickly as possible to a new school:)

Please look here for information that is relevant to all 610 pod students. Assignments will be posted on our calendar. To access it, click on the directory above, then hover over 610, and the calendar link should appear. Click on it and you will be able to view our pod calendar. Your child's agenda is the FIRST place to check, but you can use the calendar as a backup to see if your child is writing down assignments correctly. If you click on each teacher's name (above), you will be taken to her page. There, you will see even more information, including copies of notes and handouts when the time comes. You may want to bookmark this page.

Parents have asked us what supplies they can bring, or what do we need right now. The BIGGEST THING that we will need right off the bat is tissues. We EACH go through about a box of tissues every 1 week. That's 36 boxes of tissues, PER TEACHER!! :) Of course, we don't need them all right now...;-) But a few right now would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure your child's related arts teachers would ALSO appreciate a box or two--not having homerooms, they often don't get many donations...:-( Ms. Strong would love some paper towels, and we would ALL love colored paper!! :)

We look forward to meeting you all at open house on Monday, August 27. See you then!!

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