Paperwork/Items by Friday, August 25, 2017

Cario General Art Syllabus 2017-2018

Course OverviewCario Visual Arts Program is intended to inspire students to use art as a means of communication/expression. We will learn about art of other cultures while utilizing a variety of techniques with many different types of media. Middle School Art will cover a wide range of topics including the elements/principals of design, art history, criticism/appreciation, aesthetics, and art production.

We are studying Entrepreneurship in Art this quarter. Students for the  present moment will need only sharpened pencils, their binder and plenty of creativity. Thank you!

Optional Items: Hand held Pencil Sharpener, Colored Pencils, Sharpee Markers, Ball Point Pens (Erasable)


-Line up in the designated area on the fine arts hallway before class.

-Use the restroom before class begins.

-Proceed to your assigned table, sharpen pencils and secure supplies.

-Start sketchbook assignments promptly first ten minutes.

-Organize and clean work area the last 8 minutes of class.

Cario General Art follows these leadership traits which coincide with our school name:

C-haracterBe positive. Have courage to do the right thing. Think before you act; consider the consequences. Help others.

A-ccountabilityAccept feedback appropriately. Produce quality class work. Focus on art from bell to bell. Show cleanliness and good manners. No eating or food in class.

R-espectHonor the education process of others. Respond appropriately. Comply or “step” away. Accept “no” for an answer.

IntegritySubmit original work only. Encourage others to do their best. Refrain from horseplay. Appreciate other’s artwork. Help place equipment back where you found it. Listen, watch and learn. Report any inappropriate behavior or vandalism.

O-rganization: -Conduct yourself in an orderly manner. Keep artwork and supplies organized.

Behavior/Discipline: Following CCSD, Cario and classroom guidelines are important for all students, their families, and teachers. When policies are not followed, conversations to improve areas needing to be addressed are essential. These conversations are necessary to sustain a healthy/happy environment for your student to create art effectively in class.

Examples of classroom issues leading to infractions/conferences/referrals:

-Frequent tardiness.

-Unhealthy/unorganized workspace/cleanliness issues.

-Abusing or misusing art tools and materials.

-Skipping art for another activity without Ms.Timmerman’s consent or knowledge.

-Not working on art assignments bell to bell.

-Disrupting class with rude and off task behavior (excessive talking and laughing)

-Using cell phones in class.

-Drawing subject matter that is illegal, inappropriate, copyrighted or offensive.

-Not meeting deadlines/ poor time management.

Consequences for Art Students

1st Offense -Verbal warning/Name recorded in logbook. Parent Email

2nd Offense -Wednesday a.m. school detention. Parent Phone Call

3rd Offense -Loss of classroom privileges. Parent Conference

4th Offense -Referral. ** Modifications for extreme situations will be made as necessary**

Deadlines/Homework and Grading: Students are responsible to meet project deadlines. Every student is required daily to:* come prepared for class *work entire period on art *clean and store art and artwork.

*Please note that these practices are part of the student’s daily participation grade.

*In addition Cario/Cario Visual Arts will not be held responsible for unsecured student supplies left in the school or art room in a careless manner. Thank you!

Grading scale is as follows: A=100-90% B= 89-80% C= 79-70% D=69-60% F= 59% or less.

Grades are based on a point system where points are given for projects, homework and class room participation. Each is weighed accordingly. If a student were to receive 900 out of a possible 1000 points, the grade would be a 90% or a B+.

Students will have a specific focus each week. There fore recieving 9 grades during the quarter each equivalent to 100 pts.

*If students make a choice to spend class time doing other homework they are choosing to receive a zero for that day.

 *Work may need to be taken home for homework to meet deadlines if necessary at times. Thanks!

Attendance: If a student has an excused absence, he or she can make up missed work

*Students must take responsibility for making up their missed work by the date given.

Long term absence: If a student is going to be absent for a long period of time due to illness or family medical issues I will do my best to give them work that can be completed outside of class.

Special Circumstances: Planned vacations or special events. (Special events as family birthday, wedding celebrations) will still need to meet the original deadline assigned. If the project due date occurs during the special circumstance, the project can be turned in the day the student returns. After that it will be a half letter grade every day it is not turned in

*Formulate a plan to help your student budget their time to meet deadlines. Let Ms. Timmerman know early about your plans! Thank you!

*After school sport, music/community activities are NOT always considered special circumstances.

Communication: Cario has a wonderful communication plan in place for students to secure lunches, bus passes and items left at home. Please contact the office for these matters

Tips for Communication in Art: * Always use CCSD communications to relay questions/concerns @ class.

-Approved forms of communication are CCSD email, CCSD voicemail, and old fashioned letter writing.

-Sending an email after 4:00pm? It will be answered during the next school day!

-Personal student cell phones are not allowed for research in class at any time this school year.

Tools & SafetyStudents learn to work with various art tools in the everyday creation of art.  These tools include and are not limited to: pencils, brushes, scissors, linoleum cutters, carving tools, wire cutters, pliers, screw drivers, hammers, paper cutter, sand paper, wire, foil, rollers, printing press, various types of clays, glazes, plaster, rubber cement, spray adhesive, plastic wrap, Styrofoam, chalk, pastels, paints, varnish, turpentine and paints.  Every precaution and preparation is taken to provide students with proper instruction prior to the use of these tools.

Cleanliness is important, and means of safety for your child and all students who use the art room.  Students are required to clean up their work area/tools before leaving the classroom using the following cleaners; Dishwashing soap/water on brushes, mild detergent/water on tables and a broom to sweep. Every effort is made to provide your child with a safe environment to learn and work in however accidents do happen even under the strictest supervision.  Therefore, I am asking each parent discuss with your child the importance of listening and following directions when using these tools and cleaners in the Visual Arts classroom.  If you do not wish your child to use one or more of these items please let me know and I will attempt to accommodate your child with an alternative tool or provide him/her with a separate project from the rest of the class.

If any you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime. In addition I will need volunteers for my classroom many times during the weeks to come. Please check my Echalk page often to see further notes on classroom procedures and expectations.

Thank you! Stefani M. Timmerman, NBCT, Cario Visual Arts

*Please read all information with your student and sign form below for return 08/25/17*

________________________ (student name) has my permission to use art tools/materials in art. Student is also able to travel under strict supervision to outdoor destinations within Cario campus/Park West Track with his/her class to participate still life painting.

_______________________ (student name) does not have my permission to use are tools and materials in art. Student is not able to travel to outdoor destinations within Cario campus and Park West Track for classroom still life painting exercises.

#Please indicate any outdoor allergies to plants or insects.______________________________________

Parent and Student Pledge Form:

_____I have reviewed the Syllabus, Tools and Safety Form and the Daily Success Chart information with my student. I will help him /her work to their full potential in Cario Visual Arts

_______________________Parent Name            __________________ Date

_______I have reviewed the Syllabus, Safety Form and Daily Success Chart with my Parent or Guardian.

______________________ Student Name _____________________Date

Allergy and Popcorn Information

_________My child can have air popped popcorn and movie theater popcorn with vegetable oil on Fridays, sometimes with butter or seasonings.

_________My child can only have air popped popcorn

_________My child CAN NOT have popcorn. I will send in an individual snack.




Are you willing to volunteer in the art room? Yes or no?