l brown

Hello! I’m looking forward to working with your child/children in art! I began my journey with Cario last school  year, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. General and Advanced Art Students can expect to work with diverse two and three-dimensional mediums and have unique projects and experiences throughout their three years here.

As for me, I have advanced studies in Fine Arts and Art Education. My mom was correct, she always said she couldn’t believe I didn’t immediately pursue art education, as I loved working with children in art camps, at the local art gallery, and via babysitting. I did not know that I would like to go into a structured educational route, until I had immediate experience teaching High School Ceramics and Educable Mentally Disabled Art. From that point on, I knew what my mom was always seeing was in fact: I adored teaching  and creating art and interacting with others who were learning and creating. I have continued to teach within the traditional school settings and nontraditional settings, such as pottery studios, art galleries, art camps, sculpture parks, and more. I’ve also been fortunate enough to show my work in solo shows and juried exhibitions.

Although visual art is one of my biggest passions, I have many other interests. Family, faith and friends (furry four-legs and human) are my priority outside of Art Education. You can always talk to me about music and performing arts, hiking some of the Appalachian Trail (which I am currently, on and off, section hiking to raise awareness for those with invisible illnesses), rock-climbing, sports, frolf, biking, travel (I lived and worked a summer in Ireland), my clutzy-injuries, and pretty much anything under the sun. I love nature and the beach, lakes, rivers, and mountains are places where I feel at home. Charleston is my favorite place on earth,  and I am happy to be back and settle where I was born….a long time ago….

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