Leadership/Problem Solving - Gratzmiller

Course Description

This course teaches leadership, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with various challenges that stimulate the mind. This will be attained by a series of puzzles, brain teasers, riddles, and cooperative games. It will lead to the students creating their own challenges that will eventually be a part of a challenge room on campus.  It integrates core academic subjects including math, science, history, language arts and have embedded problem solving strategies within a real world OR collaborative context.


  • Participate in all activities
  • Respectful and kind to others in the class
  • Willing to work together with all classmates for a common goal
  • Lead at times and follow at times
  • Follow class and school rules                                         
  • Bring your creativity


  • 50%  Daily Grade ( participation, in-class assignments, prepared for class )
  • 25%  Projects/Presentations
  • 25%  Teamwork/Creativity/Cooperation

Jeff Gratzmiller